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Logona Pur Care Line - Unscented Care for Sensitive Skin Types

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  • Logona PUR Moisturizer

    Supports the skin's own acid mantle

    • For oil & moisture balance
    • Unscented care for sensitive skin
    • Strengthens the resilience of the skin
    • Vegan


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  • Logona PUR Deodorant Spray

    Unperfumed freshness boost for sensitive skin

    • Effectively deodorizes
    • Inhibits odour-causing bacteria
    • Does not irritate the skin
    • Perfume, alcohol and aluminum free


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  • Logona PUR Body Lotion

    High quality oils care for very sensitive skin

    • Protects the skin
    • Unscented
    • Maintains the skin's natural balance
    • pH neutral


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  • Logona PUR Cleansing Milk

    Unscented care for highly sensitive skin

    • Suitable for allergy sufferers
    • Mild cleansing substances
    • Clarifies & refreshes the skin


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  • Logona PUR 2in1 Shampoo & Shower Gel

    Unscented cleansing for sensitive & delicate skin

    • With mild detergents
    • Does not dehydrate the skin
    • Suitable for skin & hair
    • Vegan


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