Natural Cosmetics by Natessance

Natural Cosmetics by Natessance

Natural & certified skincare products from France

Natessance from France represents naturalness, forgoing the use of unnecessary ingredients in their product range. Each product combines simplicity and indulgence to be enjoyed on a daily basis.


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Founded in 1995, Natessance was one of the first natural cosmetic brands to carry the Cosmébio certification. The brand offers natural, certified cosmetics for the whole family.

Natessance believes that simplicity is a virtue: nature is full of treasures that have always been valued for their skincare benefits that can be used in their purest and most compact form. It is not the complexity of a formula that makes it effective but the quality of the actives used.

Natessance guarantees transparency regarding the formulas and natural origins - cosmetics, optimal safety and respect for humans and nature are all harmonised.

Natessance products are:

  • certified by Cosmébio and ECOCERT
  • made in France
  • cruelty-free and certified by One Voice