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This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • 1x Dragonwell with Osmanthus, 2g
  • 1x Merry Peppermint, 2g
  • 1x Lychee White Peony, 2g
  • 1x Ginseng Beauty, 2g
  • 1x La Vie En Rose, 3g
  • 1x Beeeee Calm, 1,5g
  • 1x Queen Berry, 2,5g
  • 1x Tiffany's Breakfast, 2g
  • 1x The Playful Pear, 2g
  • 1x Kung Flu Fighter, 2g

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Or Tea? Tea of Beauty


This tea box contains a variety of single blends and flavoured teas. The perfect gift idea in this digital age. The box features a space on the back to add a name, address and personalised note.


  • Brew 1 teabag in 200 ml of warm water: 100°C for black tea; 80°C for green and white teas.

Brewing times:

  • Green and black teas: 3 - 5 minutes
  • White tea: 5 - 7 minutes
  • Herbal and fruit tea infusions: 6 - 8 minutes

Note: Contains liquorice - Avoid excessive consumption when suffering from high blood pressure.

Content (tea): Teabags , Mixture
Product Type: Sets, Tea & Accessories
Brands: Or Tea?