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White Witch is an Irish cosmetics brand founded by Ruth Ruane. Today, she is joined by 3 additional nature lovers who help run the company. The formulas contain wildflowers, plants, honey, oats and seaweed - harvested in the meadows of Ireland and the Atlantic coastline. The brand focuses on environmental protection and respectful handling of what nature has to offer.

The brand places great importance on inspecting the production conditions from the beginning - they are in direct contact with the people at the forefront who harvest the raw ingredients.
The main ingredients used are:
Cocoa bean, borage, Atlantic seaweed, oats, prickly pear, propolis, red clay, rose, sunflower, green tea, copaiba, honey, coconut, chamomile, wild orange, lavender, peppermint, marigold, rosehip, sandalwood, St. John's wort.

White Witch not only combines nature with simplicity but lays a great deal of importance in the packaging materials used: the cosmetics are 100% plastic-free and BPA-free. All the packaging components are biodegradable and/or can be recycled or upcycled - without compromise.