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ACARAA is a German natural cosmetics brand that views the daily beauty ritual as an act of self-love and sense of perception. The mantra "give yourself a moment" is their philosophy in a nutshell. ACARAA believes that beauty and well-being are the breeding ground for harmony - a balance between body, mind and soul.

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Daily routines can be gruelling at times with little time to spend on ourselves. This may result in lack of energy and fatigue which have negative impacts on the body and skin in the long run: tired-looking skin, brittle and lifeless hair and a dull complexion. The German brand, ACARAA, aims to achieve a positive effect on the skin, incorporating self-care through their products giving you a small break to enjoy a time-out to yourself.

ACARRA's philosophy is based on 4 pillars:

  • Body awareness: Attentive perception of one's own body and sensory impressions, recognition of the actual state of the body.
  • Attentiveness – a form of consciousness control that is directed entirely toward the present moment, the here and now. The sensations and needs can thus be recognised without value.
  • Deceleration – actively counteracting the acceleration of life, returning to a slower pace and focusing on a single thing and oneself.
  • Tranquillity – Reducing physical and mental tension and stress, finding inner peace and freeing the mind from negative thoughts.

ACARRA products are:

  • vegan & Vegan Society approved
  • pure natural cosmetics
  • made in Germany
  • filled in sustainable brown glass packaging
  • free from parabens, paraffin, sulphates, mineral oils & synthetic preservatives