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MICARAA is a natural cosmetics brand from Upper Bavaria. Mindfulness meets natural cosmetics - sustainable, modern and regional. MICARAA incorporates 100% vegan ingredients and high-quality oils as well as trendy active ingredients to develop their line of natural cosmetics. The mantra "give yourself a moment" is their philosophy in a nutshell. The characteristic MICARAA scent pampers the mind and boosts relaxation.

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First established as ACARAA, the brand name was changed to MICARAA in autumn 2020 to further highlight the link between mindfulness (MI ndfulness) and care (CAR e). The new brand name reflects the manufacturer's vision to bring a moment of tranquility and care into everyday life.

MICARAA believes that the importance of mindfulness also includes a responsible approach towards the environment, nature and resources. The brand focuses on exclusively vegan ingredients and refrains from the use of harmful substances such as parabens, paraffins, silicones and mineral oils. Thus, the brand combines high-quality oils and innovative active ingredients in its range of modern natural cosmetics. The characteristic scent of lemon and orange revitalises and refreshes the senses while the natural essential oils have a relaxing effect and help release tension.

MICARAA attaches great importance to sustainable development and has thus been using recyclable brown glass bottles and jars from the start. The opaque containers also ensure a long shelf life of the valuable ingredients and ensure that no microplastics enter cosmetics, the skin and the environment.
MICARAA offsets the CO2 emissions generated during the production of glass containers by investing in reforestation projects in the Amazon rainforest. In addition, climate-neutral folding boxes are used for outer packaging, helping to support various environmental protection projects. In short, the use of plastic is avoided as much as possible.

MICARAA products are:

  • vegan & Vegan Society approved
  • pure natural cosmetics
  • made in Germany
  • filled in sustainable brown glass packaging
  • reduced use of plastic where possible
  • free from parabens, paraffin, sulphates, mineral oils & synthetic preservatives