BIO A + O.E. Organic Hair Care

BIO A + O.E. Organic Hair Care

Professional organic hair products

The Italian brand BIO A + OE offers professional, salon hair care products composed of organic ingredients.

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BIO A+O.E is an alternative to conventional professional hair care products that often contain harmful ingredients. The raw materials used for this product line is sourced from organic farming and are ECOCERT approved.

  • BIO A stands for organic water (Bio Aqua) which is obtained through the distillation of medicinal plants sourced from controlled organic agriculture.
  • O.E. represents the oil essence (Olio Essence) that is derived from distilling medicinal plants.

High-quality plant-based active ingredients care for the hair, allowing the strands to breathe and grow naturally.

The brand offers various "hair care systems" that is comprised of individual products targeted towards different hair types. The numbering on the products makes it easy to compile the products according to individual needs.