Perfect Makeup with Glasses

Beautiful glasses certainly add to your beauty. At the same time, they are an element that should be considered when applying makeup.

Eyeglass wearers should note several things: first, which color glasses you choose. Neutral colors are no problem. Colorful glasses could clash with your makeup though. 

Another important thing to note is what kind of glasses you were. Depending on whether you are near or farsighted, your glasses will make your eyes look bigger or smaller. 


Being nearsighted makes your eyes look smaller. Therefore, dark colors are taboo. Expansive makeup that would be too much without glasses is just right, as it will make your eyes look bigger. So you can use bright, bold and shimmering colors.

Choose a bright eyeliner and brown eyeliner. You don't have to be stingy, even with mascara. 


When wearing these spectacles, the eyes appear larger, so they should be optically reduced. For this you need dark colors. Use matte, dark eye shadow. Colorful and shimmering colors should be avoided.

Accuracy with Kajal and eyeshadow is required. Apply your eyeliner as finely as possible to the lower lid because these glasses are not very forgiving of errors. For the same reason, you should only apply blush below the rim of your glasses.

Dark eye circles are best to cover up with bright makeup. Lighten up your makeup by using white eyeliner on the inner corner of eye.

One of the problems with applying makeup when you wear glasses is that you wear glasses. If you can only see your face from a few centimeters away, it can be very annoying to try to apply makeup. Makeup glasses can be your solution! These glasses can be fold so that you can comfortably do your makeup. Alternatively, a make-up mirror can be used. A vanity mirror with a sturdy stand is best.

Keep in mind that in artificial light, colors always look different. It is best to do your makeup in front of direct daylight.

Additional Tips:

When wearing eye-catching glasses with a wide frame, it is important to emphasize either your lips or your eyes. Not both. If your glasses have a dark frame, it is better to put an accent on your lips.