Autumn Skincare Tips Continued

Autumn Skincare Tips Continued

Last week we looked at why skincare is important during the colder season. This week we'll look at some skincare tips to ensure your skin is well cared for this season. 

Face Care for Women 

During autumn, it is advised to use a moisturizing day cream and opt for a more rich, lipid-regulating night cream. Substances such as urea and shea butter retain the skin's moisture i.e. regenerate the skin. Introducing moisturizing face masks to your skincare routine is also an option. Mild cleansers are ideal during the colder season as they are less demanding on the skin. 


Apply a lipid-rich body cream to your skin after a bath or shower. Urea and glycerin bind moisture in the skin and strengthen the skin's barrier function. 


The legs, in particular, the shins, become dry and rough during the colder months. The skin on the shins is thinner which means that it is unable to store as much moisture. Lipid-rich skincare enriched with moisture-binding active ingredients such as panthenol and hyaluronic acid, or creams that are high in shea butter, argan oil or nut oils are great for body care during this time. 


Warm foot baths infused with conditioning oils can work wonders for the feet. They stimulate blood circulation and soften any hardened skin on the soles of the feet. Apply a good amount of cream after a foot bath (once again, urea is a great option). If your feet suffer from severe callused skin, we recommend using a pumice stone or a scrub to soften the area. 


Our hands are particularly vulnerable, as the skin on the hands do not contain many sebaceous glands and nearly no fatty tissue. Thus, moisture evaporates immediately. What's good to note when it comes to the care of the hands, is which cleansing products to use. pH-Neutral soaps do not damage or disturb the acid mantle of the skin. Apply a lipid-regulating cream after cleansing and follow with a rich hand cream at night. 


Lips are very sensitive to cold conditions, therefore you can never go wrong with a lip balm that is high in moisturizing ingredients, which form a natural barrier against the elements. 

Men's Skin 

Men may follow the same suggested tips as women, except when it comes to face care. Men's facial skin is thicker than that of a woman's, which is why they should always opt for face care products developed specially for men's skin. These contain less fat, therefore are less rich. 


It is essential to use UV protection on clear, sunny autumn and winter days. Remember that bathing too frequently can be harmful to baby's delicate skin. Additional skincare tips for babies can be found here.