NATURE THANX Certified Natural Cosmetics

Cosmetics that are as powerful as nature itself

The NATURE THANX quality standard was developed for true-to-nature therapy-related cosmetic products. The basis of the formulas must be as close to nature as possible. A specific amount of certain ingredients are tolerated for a certain period of time when viewed as indispensable for therapy-related effects. Raw materials of plant, animal or mineral origin form the basis of these products. The NATURE THANX standard sees itself as a guide by working with deadlines with simultaneous selection option for existing formulations of natural origin. Therefore, manufacturers are also encouraged to seek and research alternative ingredients of plant, mineral or animal (if no harm is done to the animal).

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NATURE THANX certified products are free of:

  • PEG/PPG derivatives, EDTA and formaldehyde releasers
  • halogen-organic compounds
  • synthetic oils, wax, silicone and fats
  • synthetic fragrances
  • ethoxylates and aromatic amine, ethylamine and their derivatives
  • musk compounds
  • phthalates