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denttabs., a sustainable alternative for quick and easy dental care. denttabs. tablets polish the teeth using fine micro cellulose in a natural way - for smooth teeth protected against dental calculus and tooth decay.

Axel Kaiser, the founder of denttabs., has been engaged in sustainable, revolutionary products in the field of dental hygiene and dental technology since 1992. The German company, denttabs. GmbH, was established in 2009 focusing on innovative products, whereby sustainability is of great importance. denttabs. tablets are made of 100% natural ingredients, are plastic-free and free from preserving agents, consistency additives and other dubious substances.

denttabs. represents:

  • gentle dental care
  • protection against tooth decay thanks to a unique fluoride effect (1.450 ppm)
  • noticeably smoother and brighter teeth
  • natural polishing action thanks to cellulose
  • certified natural cosmetics (BDIH-COSMOS seal of approval)
  • microplastic-free products
  • compostable and sustainable packaging

denttabs. also manufactures bamboo toothbrushes for all-round and effective dental hygiene.