Rio De Coco of CMD - Valuable Protection & Care

Rio De Coco of CMD - Valuable Protection & Care

Introducing the CMD Rio De Coco product line. These products are best distinguished by the use of high-quality coconut oil and all its benefits.

The skincare product line Rio De Coco offers a great experience to the skin - it's exotic scent pampers the skin and the senses. The product line is made up of completely vegan and naturally certified cosmetics.

Valuable ingredients that are suitable for everyday care have been included in these cosmetic products. CMD forgoes excess packaging to protect the environment.

Rio De Coco is best suited for itchy, dry, irritated and sensitive skin. Cell renewal is stimulated while offering protection against free radicals and cooling effect on the skin. It is also referred to as an anti-aging agent.

The secret behind this line of cosmetic products is coconut oil.

The coconut palm is a noteworthy plant whereby the coconut can be used in more than 100 different ways.

Coconut oil is very valuable thanks to its composition - it is rich in vitamins and minerals as well as numerous essential fatty acids. An excellent care blend.

Coconut oil is composed of 50% lauric acid as well as a good 7% capric acid which have an antimicrobial effect fighting off bacteria, viruses and fungi. Laurin acid is found in breast milk and is beneficial for humans.

It is essential to protect the high-quality ingredients by using a very gentle production process. The process used is very complex.

The oil used in the CMD Rio De Coco skincare line of cosmetics stems from Sri Lanka where it is cold pressed and unrefined. This means that the oil is 100% natural, uncured, unbleached, without having been deodorized nor refined. The extra virgin coconut oil is, therefore, able to unfold all its benefits.

There are a number of different products found in this skincare line including coconut oil, body butter, face creams, hair care products, body lotions and hand creams.

Pamper your skin with the Rio De Coco line of products by CMD.