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Dr. Hauschka is a pioneer in the field of natural cosmetics. The brand is made up of high-quality, organic and natural-certified cosmetics that are developed according to nature's rhythm.

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The focus lies on the skin, which is viewed as a living organism, as well as on human beings and their individuality.

The make-up line by Dr. Hauschka is composed of carefully selected blends containing medicinal plants and pays attention to the individuality of each user. The aim is not to cover up or conceal but rather to accentuate the unique personality of each person that wears the products to restore natural radiance.

Dr. Hauschhka is an extension of WALA Medicines established in 1976. The brand continues to develop and extend its product palette, including the addition of its make-up collection in 1999.

Sustainability meets respect for nature, which forms an integral part of the brand's philosophy. The planet is viewed as a complex organism that combines several cycles within itself to make up a stable whole. As long as humans respect the planet, the system is able to remain stable.
Therefore, respecting and treating nature with care is a high priority at Dr. Hauschka.

The Dr. Hauschka Philsophy

  • Plants, oils and waxes are nearly always sourced from controlled organic farming and in bio-dynamic and fair trade quality.
  • Easily recyclable packaging, the use of rainwater, and composting plant waste from the production site all play a part in how Dr. Hauschka thinks and functions as a whole.
  • Resources are not wasted: for example, the company has been using green electricity for years; heat recovery and soil temperature are used and sourced for heating and air conditioning; employees have the possibility of using company bicycles; the cost incurred when using public transport is paid for, as well as carpooling.
  • Moreover, the company has partnered with several companies worldwide: Shea butter is sourced from an organic farming project in Burkina Faso and Damask rose oil is sourced from Afghanistan.

Dr. Hauschka aims to contribute to the community and preserve the planet for our children and generations to come.