Natural Cosmetics by ELIAH SAHIL Beauty

Innovative, sustainable cosmetics for the whole body

ELIAH SAHIL Beauty develops natural cosmetics for skin and hair using selected, high-quality substances and nourishing ingredients from nature.

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Since the birth of his son, Eliah, CEO and founder of the popular PLANET PURE brand decided to branch out into the world of natural cosmetics for skin and hair care, establishing Eliah Sahil beauty. The brand represents certified organic, innovative and unique products based on powder. This enables the brand to use 70% less water than conventional shampoos.

The raw materials used processed in their purest form. High-quality essences obtained from essences, blossoms and minerals are carefully sourced and processed. Active ingredients such as rose or soapnut seed oil, clay or ginseng are thus able to unfold their wonderful properties. The raw materials that stem from controlled organic farming are 100% vegan components that are not tested on animals.

Eliah Sahil beauty uses only plastic-free packaging with all its containers being 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

Giving back to nature is important to the brand, therefore, Eliah Sahil beauty supports sustainable and social projects around the world. 50 cents from each Kids Shampoo sold is donated to the Allin Mikuna healthy eating scheme for children.