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Vegan & plastic-free powder-to-gel shower gels, shampoos & soaps

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Shake it, baby! With innovative powders created in Germany, FUTURE STORIES makes it possible to quickly and effortlessly produce liquid hygiene products without unnecessarily wasting resources. The certified natural ingredients cleanse, nourish and exude wonderfully mild and fresh to sweet and fruity aromas. Hello sustainability, goodbye plastic waste!

With the BDIH - COSMOS NATURAL seal of approval, the small but wonderful range by FUTURE STORIES is natural and exceptionally environmentally friendly.

Since the water is only mixed with the powder at home, it saves on long transport routes and CO₂ emissions whilst keeping the quality intact.

What's more, at FUTURE STORIES: 1 refill = 1 tree.
For every product sold, a small tree is planted in cooperation with Eden Projects.