Broccoli Seed Oil

Brassica Oleracea Italica(Broccoli) Seed Oil

This oil is not very well known. It is extracted from the seeds of the broccoli. It is, however becoming increasingly known in natural cosmetics. It is particularly well-suited for hair care, as it may be used as a silicone substitute for shine. It is very conditioning and smoothing, without leaving the hair feeling stringy, and minimizes coarseness. Dry hair is strengthened, without it being weighed down,
In skin care, broccoli seed oil is ideal for mature skin because it protects the skin from damaging influences. In addition, it has regenerating and cell activating properties.

Cosmetic properties:

  • optimal oil for hair care
  • ideal care for mature skin types
  • protecting and regenerating
  • activates the cells

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