Lemon Balm

Melissa Officinalis Leaf Extract, Melissa Officinalis Flower/leaf/stem Water

This plant from the mint family was originally native to North and West Africa and Southern Europe but is now cultivated mainly in Europe. It has a long tradition as a medicinal plant and is considered highly antiviral, antimicrobial and antifungal. Used for the treatment of herpes, eczema and wounds, the balm is also used as a relaxing, fragrant additive to massage oils, bath oils and shower gels. Allergic, oily and blemished skin will also be returned to its natural balance using this oil.

Cosmetic properties:

  • antiviral, antimicrobial and antifungal
  • ideal for the treatment of herpes labialis, herpes zoster, eczema and wounds
  • balances oily, impure, and allergic skin conditions

see. Heike Käser 2010 "Natural Cosmetic Raw Materials", Linz, Freya Verlag, 3rd Edition 2012

In aromatherapy, lemon balm is considered to be calming, harmonizing and tonic. It can be used to ease nightmares and fear but also used against heartbreak, depression, insomnia and test anxiety. Also, stress, sadness and anger are alleviated with this scent, serenity and peace are promoted and endurance is strengthened. It also acts as an insect repellent. However, it should be highly diluted to avoid skin irritation.

see Markus Schirner 2002 "Aromatic Oils" Schirner Verlag, Darmstadt, 4th edition 2011

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