The Charm of Rosy Anti-Aging Skin Moisturisers

Roses are red, dry skin is your? Two moisturizers You Should try!

Spring is starting to come around the corner and the scent of roses is in the air. Start your spring with skin that feels fresh, smooth and youthful with the help of anti-aging, free radical fighting rose oils and extracts! Here are two anti-aging moisturizers we've reviewed for you :) 

Everyone knows the awful feeling of waking up and staring head on into the harsh light of your bathroom mirror. Escape that glow is with a glow of your own and put a little extra pep in your step with an anti-aging moisturizer. Reduce fine lines, heal tired looking skin and put a little color back in your cheeks with the help of rose oil. This highly regarded, free radical fighting oil not only smells sweet, it has some serious youthful properties. 

Today we start with: Pilogen's Bio Lady Anti Aging Facial Cream. 

  • the slightly thick texture feels creamy and luxurious.
  • the cream is a milky white
  •  right away you feel the silkiness shea butter, macadamia seed oil and seed extracts
  • quick to absorb
  • pleasant rosy smell isn’t overwhelming,
  • it felt light, slightly cooling and refreshing.
  • nice citrus notes to the scent!

Bonus: as soon as I put this on, I felt immediate relief from the itchy, flaky dry skin that my face is prone to in winter. I am definitely going to keep this friend on my desk for emergencies!

Next we look at:'s Organic Rose Otto Skin Lotion 

  • wonderful, lasting rose scent
  • aloe vera, cocoa butter and shea butter
  • notes of licorice and flowers 
  • highly moisturizing, but doesn't feel heavy
  • non greasy, soothing
  • could be used in place of perfume

This lotion lasted through several hand washings, and still kept my hands feeling fresh and moisturized. Equally impressive was the fact that the lotion that it held its scent. This would be an incredible secret weapon for days your deodorant doesn't quite hold up, a little primp before a date, or a quick refresher after being around smoke or strong smelling food.