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A pioneer in high-quality natural cosmetics

Martina Gebhardt believes in the concept of "less is more" and formulates her range of natural, Demeter-certified skincare products accordingly. Individual ingredients are combined and work in harmony to create magical formulas that bring out the best in all skin types.

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With decades of experience and research in the field of herbs, medicinal plants, spagyric and natural cosmetics, Martina Gebhardt offers a wide range of cosmetic products that are 100% natural and highly effective.

Martina Gebhardt, a pioneer in high-quality natural cosmetics, was the first company in the world to switch its entire range to Demeter-certified raw materials and production in 2010. The Demeter quality standard goes one step further than other organic certification bodies. It views the earth as a living organism that allows a higher-order to emerge in plants, for example, through biodynamic cultivation. Only then they are better equipped to feed, nourish and protect the body, mind and soul.

Her approach to cosmetics, nature and beauty is evident in the product line formulated for mature skin, called HAPPY AGING. We all age. It is a natural, unstoppable process that should be welcomed with joy and gratitude.

Martina Gebhardt products are produced according to rhythmic and biodynamic aspects and follow an extraordinarily high standard of quality.

The products contain:

  • 100% natural raw materials
  • no artificial substances, surfactants, glycerin, titanium oxide or alcohol in the creams and lotions
  • no raw materials in which animals have been tortured or killed
  • only ingredients that act as actives
  • no preservatives
  • 95% raw materials from organic or Demeter agriculture
  • spagyric essences from in-house production

The products are:

  • Demeter certified
  • IHTK certified

Discover a range of natural, Demeter-approved cosmetics, such as the bestselling Happy Aging Cream or Eye Care Cream by this prestigious brand.