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NOELIE unites pure, natural ingredients and the latest cutting-edge biotechnology. The highest quality cosmetics for skin and hair - without compromise.

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NOELIE was founded in 2019 after years of meticulous research done by its founder Bahar Krahn. The product range offers luxury treatments of the highest quality. Realising that true beauty can only arise from a conscious harmony between man and nature, sustainable plant materials sourced from ethically-driven agriculture and businesses around the world are incorporated into the product formulas. An extraordinary, high-quality and new-generation product is achieved through optimising pure active ingredients using biotechnological production. At NOELIE, water, generally listed as the first ingredient in cosmetic formulas, is replaced with fresh and pure plant juices. Thus, the products are given a particularly high nutritional density with maximum effectiveness which in turn provides the best possible care for the skin and the hair.

NOELIE cosmetics are made from exceptional natural ingredients, combined with in-depth knowledge of the skin and high-end biotechnological active ingredients. Liposomal formulas and soft textures beautify the skin and the hair, and thanks to their discreet but pleasant aromas, they exude a touch of luxury. They are therefore incomparable with other high-end cosmetics. At NOELIE , all raw materials meet the highest standards.

NOELIE products are:

  • Dermatologically and clinically tested
  • Tested by the University of Mainz
  • Without perfume or synthetic dyes
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Cruelty-free