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puroBio Cosmetics - a versatile and affordable organic make-up product line composed of high-quality organic ingredients - Made in Italy!

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puroBIO cosmetics' ultimate goal is to offer natural and pure cosmetics of the highest quality, that is both kind to the skin and light on the pocket. Beautiful, low-allergen and versatile natural cosmetics for all!

puroBIO cosmetics products are suitable for sensitive skin due to their high-quality and forgoing the use of synthetics as well as allergen-causing ingredients. Most products are Vegan OK approved and the full range is gluten-free. 

All puroBIO cosmetics products are:

  • without silicones, vaseline & parabens
  • without synthetics, preservatives or fragrances
  • nickel tested
  • gluten-free
  • controlled by the CCPB, Cosmetici Biologici

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Albert Einstein