Zotter Chocolates Colourful Easter Basket

With 8 delicious chocolate eggs

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Gift basket with 8 colourful chocolate eggs, which all taste differently and enchant with the wonderfully natural colours due to all the berries and fruits they contain.

Elderflower Egg: A creamy chocolate ganache with elderflower liqueur in a dark chocolate egg, which has been rolled in caramel chocolate.

Walnut Nougat Egg: pure walnut nougat, a real rarity, in a milk chocolate egg, rolled in fruity currant chocolate, which gleams purple due to all the fruit it contains.

Cherry Brandy Egg: a fine filling made from sour cherry juice, cherry brandy and sour cherry chocolate in a white chocolate egg, which has been rolled in Caribbean-hot coconut couverture.

Hazelnut Nougat Egg: pure hazelnut nougat in a dark chocolate egg, which as been rolled in white soya chocolate that we spiced up with Matche green tea to create this fascinating green effect.

Honey Milk Egg: a sweet ganache made from caramel chocolate, milk chocolate and honey in a milk chocolate egg, which has been rolled in high-percentage, dark milk chocolate.

Brazil Nut Nougat Egg: pure, deliciously melting Brazil nut nougat in a white chocolate egg, which as been rolled in snazzy-fruity passion fruit chocolate.

Raspberry Egg: a raspberry cream, stimulated with raspberry brandy, in a white chocolate egg, which as been rolled in raspberry chocolate and has developed this great colour due to the large amount of fruit it contains.

Vodka Mint Egg: an extravagant ganache made from vodka, mint, white chocolate and a hint of caramel chocolate in a dark chocolate egg, which as been rolled in a fine dark chocolate.

Available only with German packaging!

Product Type: Chocolate
Brand: Zotter Chocolates
Content by Ethos : Gluten-free, Contains alcohol


Ingredients: raw cane sugar °, cocoa butter °, cocoa mass °, whole milk powder °, butter °, fructose-glucose syrup °, hazelnuts ° (2%), elderflower liqueur ° (2%), walnuts ° (2%), Brazil nuts ° (2% ), whole milk °, potato vodka ° (2%), sweet whey powder °, skimmed milk powder °, Vistula concentrate ° (1%), cherry brandy ° (1%), raspberry liqueur ° (1%), raspberry concentrate ° (1%), raspberries dried ° ( 0.5%), dried sour cherries ° (0.4%), soybean powder ° (0.3% Soy ° & ° maltodextrin and corn syrup °), whole cane sugar ° ° sweet potatoes, honey ° (0.2%), emulsifier : soy lecithin °, rice powder ° (rice ° & water & sunflower oil ° & salt), dried currants ° (0.1%), coconut ° (0.1%), passion fruit dried ° (0.1%), salt, vanilla beans °, skim milk yogurt powder °, green tea powder matcha ° (0.04%), coconut powder ° (0.03%: coconut milk ° & maltodextrin °), lemon powder ° (lemons ° & cornstarch °), cinnamon °, mint ° (0.01% ), star anise °, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin °
Cocoa (cocoa mass and cocoa butter) at least 32%

Included allergens: nuts, milk, lactose, soy beans
May contain traces of peanuts, eggs and sesame.

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