Amla Powder: Beating Summer Sweat!

Keep your pores clean and your skin happy with an Amla facial mask!

Here at Ecco Verde, we have an Amla crush. This natural powder made from the Indian Gooseberry is famous world-wide for its cleansing and healing properties, and we can't get enough of it, especially during the summer.

What is Amla? Amla Powder comes from a berry that is ground into a powder. It has many positive effects and is commonly used to treat both skin and hair problems. In fact, Amla is one of the most common ingredients in Ayurvedic medicine. The fruit can be eaten and has a naturally high vitamin content, which is part of why it is such a universal product. It is used to treat breakouts, dandruff, troubled or itchy skin. According to Wikipedia, research has proven that Amla has antimicrobial properties.

Here in Austria we are gearing up for a sweaty summer, and Amla is one weapon we are keeping in our arsenal to protect us from summer breakouts. Amla soothes irritated skin, detoxifies impurities and helps remove buildup in your pores. To make your own mask, follow these steps.

  1. Add two teaspoons Amla powder into a bowl. *I like my paste to be thicker, so I usually add more.
  2. Slowly add 1/2 - 1 teaspoon of lukewarm- warm water (or oil) and stir. If the mixture is too think, slowly add water until the mixture forms a slightly runny paste.
  3. Dip your fingers into the bowl and smooth the mask over your skin. I like mine to be thicker, but if you have sensitive skin you should try the mask in a thinner consistency first.

Tip: I like to use a hair coloring brush to stir my mask. The bristles of the brush remove any clumps from the powder and help spread the mixture into a nice consistency.

Things to note:

  • Always try a new product on a test patch of skin first! Amla is a strong acting powder! Test a spot on your wrist or the inside of your elbow before using the mask.
  • If you have sensitive skin, use more water or oily to make a more runny paste. You can always increase the thickness of the mask later
  • Avoid your eyes and eye area!

Leftover Paste? Use it on your scalp or hair!

For more info and more pictures, check out our blog!