Dott. Nicola Farmacista Natural Cosmetics

Italian natural cosmetic products made in the Alps

Dott. Nicola Farmacista has a passion for nature and demands the highest quality. During the 1930s, Dott. Nicola Farmacista was a pharmacy where medicinal plants were analyzed and processed into valuable products. Years of acquired knowledge from the Alps paired with natural medicine played a vital role in the manufacturing of products.

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The family-owned business, Dott. Nicola Farmacista, uses traditional Alpine plants and herbs with therapeutic characteristics in their product formulas. Years of herbology and modern technologies are combined to develop a unique product range.

The herbs and plants used are native to Aosta Valley, Italy. The Aosta Valley is home to a legacy of traditional pharmacopeias that have been passed on from generation to generation. Active ingredients, such as edelweiss, masterwort. calendula, Alps wormwood, hyssop as well as lavender, thyme, arnica, honey, and much more are innovatively incorporated into natural cosmetic formulas and processed using low-temperature extraction processed.

Dott. Nicola Farmacista products are free from:

  • pesticides
  • parabens
  • dyes
  • silicones
  • petroleum
  • sulphates
  • PEG