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Natural cosmetics for adults and children

Douces Angevines creates handmade cosmetics that is in tune with nature as well as being effective - with selected ingredients from Anjou, France.

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The pure and natural cosmetics by Douces Angevines is based on a few simple secrets:

Secret N° 1
CosmétoFluides. Neither cream nor oil, but a magical water-free, herbal gold fluid.

Secret N° 2
The Garden of Beauty.
Douces Angevines grows its very own biodynamic garden inspired from Middle Age tradition. The garden houses 40% of the raw materials used in their cosmetics. A further 20% stem from sustainable wild harvesting. The remaining 40% are composed of essential oils, precious plant oil and rare plant types - these are obtained from organic sources in Anjou or exotic raw materials from Fair Trade.

Secret N° 3
Traditional methods alongside the natural energy of the sun and moon are used to produce this enchanting line of cosmetics - entirely forgoing any mechanical or chemical resources. Freshly picked plants are transformed into precious and effective macerates.

Secret N° 4
Dynamic sampling. The art of gathering, modulating and conserving the energetic and natural power of plants is near to forgotten craft. Douces Angevines incorporates dynamic sampling and takes it a step further by mixing the raw materials by hand.

Secret N° 5
The role of fragrances. Each fragrant plant is carefully selected according to age-old tradition to match the individual corresponding skin type. Thus a unique harmony is created that goes beyond skincare.

Secret N° 6
Unique craftsmanship. Each product is attentively crafted in our workshop using only the resources from nature in the quantities required for the individual product.

Douces Angevines cosmetic products are:

  • certified by Cosmébio & ECOCERT
  • Not tested on animals
  • One Voice seal of approval
  • handmade
  • 100% plant-based