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Jack's Beauty Line - More than just a brush - each piece is unique!

My brush? Your brush? - MY brush!

The idea of ​​designing a custom brushes line came to Miriam Jacks came in 2009, at the beginning of opening her new Beauty Stores in Berlin. Miriam Jacks has been a make-up artist for the past 10 years. During this time, when attending big fashion shows and photo shootings, the black make-up brush caused confusion between her colleagues. However, this was not the sole inspiration that led to the establishment of Jacks Beauty Line. It was a colourful paintbrush that ultimately led to the idea of customizing the handles of make-up brushes, making these unique and confusion was a thing of the past.

The production process

In 2011, Miriam Jacks found a company in the south of Germany who was equipped to produce her brushes as she has envisioned them to be. A colourful make-up brush handle that is unique, coupled with the best bristles she could find. These colourful brushes were produced by hand and in close cooperation with the Berlin association for homeless young people "KLIK". The brushes are designed by Miriam and her team during regularly held workshops. These youngsters are able to earn money while being introduced to level structures in a playful way. 
The production starts with the brush without any bristles or clamps. The brushes are painted individually using acrylic paint. There is no specific guidelines to follow when it comes to painting the brushes. Experimenting with gold and bronze glitter, metallic powder or black splashes makes the brush so unique. It is of utmost importance to Miriam that each brush is unique and has the appearance of having been handmade to maintain the original idea of the paintbrush. 


The painted brush handles are shipped to the the brush company in the south of Germany. There they are varnished, labeled and the golden clamps and elegant bristles are added. This entire process is also done by hand. High quality and uniqueness of these brushes play an important role for Miriam. It is imperative that no animal testing is executed during the production of her brush collection, the bristles used are tolerable for most people suffering from allergies and are long-lasting. These brushes are 100% vegan, easy to clean and durable. 
Each form of make-up application has its own unique brush. 

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