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Cosmetics in harmony with the planet & the skin

PUROPHI is short for "Pure Organic Philosophy" and offers a range of luxurious organic cosmetics packed with unique ingredients.

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The fusion of scientific research and sustainable, "green" chemistry has created the Italian premium brand PUROPHI that offers a new approach to traditional organic cosmetics with its line of skincare products. PUROPHI stands for effective, high-performance formulations that are produced in harmony with the earth's ecosystems and the skin - without harmful ingredients for the body or our planet.

PUROPHI's range of products originates from the curiosity and the urge to explore, discover and research new and potential synergies between the organic and inorganic, the technological and the physiological world as well as those between science and nature. A project that intends to rethink the idea of ​​purity - because purity is not the same as "being unburdened".

PUROPHI is continuously doing research and experimenting - free and consistent.

The brand also stands for unique ingredients. PUROPHI mainly uses hydrolyzed enzymatic plant peel extracts rich in important bioactive molucules (polyphenols, carotenoids, alpha-hydroxy acids and many others). Thanks to the latest research in the field of biotechnology, it has been possible to extract these active ingredients in an innovative manner using chemical solvents or oil - based on natural enzymes. These are produced in collaboration with the University of Bologna.

Unlike the commonly used "plant extracts", the hydrolyzed enzymatic extracts are of particularly low molecular weight, mainly obtainable in organic quality and are particularly effective. This results in high-quality formulas with proven effectiveness.

In addition, the desire for sustainability is of paramount importance! The products are developed with respect for the environment and are guaranteed to be environmentally and skin-compatible.

PUROPHI products are:

  • vegan
  • nickel & heavy metal tested
  • AIAB & Italian Organic Cosmetic (guaranteed Italian raw materials) approved
  • cruelty-free, no animal experiments on raw materials or finished products
  • elegant, attractive & recyclable glass bottles & jars