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Tadé Pays du Levant offers high-quality, handcrafted soaps, cosmetics and accessories. The core of the assortment is 2 well-established products that are still made using traditional methods and original recipes: the Aleppo and Marseille soaps. Enchanted by the art of the oriental bath, high-quality, nourishing soaps were produced and the range was also expanded to include accessories.

Tadé Pays du Levant is completely committed to fairtrade practices and follows strict ethical guidelines. The company's partners are craftsmen who benefit from the equal and sustainable partnership.

The pillars of the company:

  • Solidarity: Primarily working with the most disadvantaged producers in an approach to solidarity and sustainable development.
  • Fairness: Contractually agreed-upon prices that guarantee fair compensation for the producer.
  • Immediacy: Creating a direct relationship between the producer and consumer where possible which means the greatest possible margin for the producer.
  • Appreciation: Utilising the local potential by using existing natural raw materials and traditional knowledge.
  • Transparency: Providing consumers with all the information they need to buy thoughtfully and responsibly - this promotes cultural exchange and respect for producers.
  • Dignity: A corresponding and regular income for the work in all production steps. Any form of slavery or forced labour, especially child labour, is rigorously rejected.

Tadé Pays du Levant is actively involved in long-term development aid, taking into account the ecological, economic and social environment of all those involved - campaigning for fairer trade!