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Eco-friendly & innovative dental care

TIO: a resource-saving toothbrush made from plant-based biopolymers is proof that a conscious design - recyclable packaging and reusable handle - is possible!

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What sets TIO Toothbrushes apart from their counterparts are the following key factors:

  • Medically approved bristle design: The bristle profile is based on the latest medical research and provides you with optimal cleaning performance. The slightly angled and medium-sized brush head ensures optimal navigation in the mouth. The bristles’ bi-level cut (medium stiffness) lets you reach every last corner of your teeth. The rounded tips guarantee the right polishment, yet are gentle to your gums.
  • Replaceable brush head: An innovative, exchangeable brush head mechanism avoids 70% of plastic waste during each usage period. It makes the environment smile while you get a truly hygienic fresh start as the full top is replaced. Made of cellulose (FSC®-certified wood).
  • Reduced carbon footprint: All parts are made of fast-growing plants, whose photosynthesis removes CO2 from the atmosphere while releasing pure oxygen. Furthermore, the radical reduction of fossil-based raw oil and additives like BPA ensures that all materials go well with your health.
  • Hygienic travel case: The minimal packaging helps you avoid unnecessary waste. A full-value travel case (instead of being garbage) that keeps your toothbrush hygienically clean – wherever you go.