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    La Saponaria offers a range of handmade natural cosmetics and raw materials for creating your very own cosmetics products in the comfort of your home. The brand believes in the concept of handcrafted products - which is reflected in its large assortment of raw materials for making handmade cosmetics. Is there anything more satisfying than nurturing the skin with handcrafted formulas? Knowing that only the product formulas only contain ingredients selected by you that are free from harmful components.

    The story of how the Italian brand La Saponaria came about, started when one of the founders, Luigi, discovered his love for soaps and fragrances. With the help and under the supervision of his grandmother, he began making his own soaps. Studying chemistry only seemed like a logical step. After meeting Lucia, is when the first experiments took off.

    La Saponaria started taking shape in 2006 when the two founders began selling their handmade soaps at local arts and crafts markets, and shortly after partnered with GAS - a group that represents fair trade - in their hometown. With the help of crowdfunding, heaps of passion and a dream, La Saponaria was launched in 2007.