Raw Materials & Cosmetics by La Saponaria

Raw Materials & Cosmetics by La Saponaria

Natural Raw Materials & Cosmetics by La Saponaria

La Saponaria offers a range of handmade natural cosmetics and raw materials for creating your very own cosmetics products in the comfort of your home. 


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The story of how the Italian brand La Saponaria came about started when one of the founder, Luigi, discovered his love for soaps and fragrances. With the help and under the supervision of his grandmother, he began making his own soaps. Studying chemistry only seemed like a logical step. After meeting Lucia, is when the first experiments took off. 

La Saponaria started taking shape in 2006 when the two founders began selling their handmade soaps at local arts and crafts markets, and shortly after partnered with GAS - a group that represents fair trade - in their hometown. With the help of crowdfunding and heaps of passion and a dream, La Saponaria was launched in 2007. The brand was housed in a small lab - partially with technics from a discontinued production plant. 

At La Saponaria importance is placed on handmade products - this is also reflected in the DIY courses and wide assortment of raw materials used to make your very own cosmetics. It doesn't get better than making your own cosmetics, knowing what goes into the formula and using the products to treat your skin and hair. 

La Saponaria supports small, local organic farmers and is thus able to source quality products with minimal transporting impact. The brand also produces soaps for neighbouring third parties, largely in exchange for raw materials. Alongside producing natural soaps, La Saponaria has also launched their own cosmetics in 2012. The brand has initiated the cultivation of the near-to-forgotten hemp farming industry. Thanks to a large network, La Saponaria grows and processes hemp which is largely found in their Hippiness product line. 

The brand is a firm believer that the biggest changes come about when small deeds are done, and that one should leave the world behind in a better state that one initially found it in.

La Saponaria's philosophy is built upon: 

  • 100% natural & sustainable ingredients 
  • NO petrochemical substances 
  • light-weight & eco-friendly packaging
  • fair trade & fair pay
  • handmade products 
  • ethical responsibility: supporting local farmers & social projects 
  • fair prices for producers & customers alike 
  • ccpb certification 
  • animals rights: largely vegan formulas used 
  • products are not tested on animals