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Carefree Fun Under The Sun Carefree Fun Under The Sun

A single layer of cream simply does not suffice! We've summarised a few essential tips on how to avoid sunburn and successfully achieve a healthy tan!

How Personal Care Can Be Good for the Planet How Personal Care Can Be Good for the Planet

We’re all becoming more conscious consumers, looking out for excessive packaging when we shop and filling up reusable coffee cups and water bottles, instead of using disposable ones. But one major contributor to environmental waste that we might...

Incense Burning Incense Burning

Incense burning has been part of human culture for thousands of years - to support mediation, purification, religious rituals or relaxation.

Skincare Hero: Bakuchiol Skincare Hero: Bakuchiol

This trendy active ingredient is being highly celebrated in the beauty industry. We're taking a closer look at bakuchiol and how it can benefit your daily skincare regimen.

Solid Cosmetics by La Saponaria Solid Cosmetics by La Saponaria

Environmental pollution as a result of packaging waste is unparalleled. As a result, more and more cosmetic companies are taking a low and zero-waste approach. What does this mean and is it really as simple as it sounds? The Italian brand La...

Hemp: The Versatile Plant Hemp: The Versatile Plant

For more than 5,000 years, hemp has been used for a wide variety of purposes and is one of the oldest agricultural and ornamental plants in history. Most recently, it has come into the limelight as an active ingredient and source of food. The...