omum Pregnancy-safe Skincare

For well-being during & after pregnancy

omum, a Slow Cosmetics brand, is designed to care for skin during and after pregnancy. Award-winning organic and vegan certified line of products for expecting and young mothers that ensure true well-being. Pamper and care for your skin with safe and effective cosmetics

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Due to all the physical changes occurring in the body when pregnant, the skin of mothers needs special attention and care. Cosmetics used during this time should be safe to use for both mum and baby!

With omum, you are certainly on the safe side: this line of natural cosmetics is tailored towards the needs of the skin during pregnancy as well as that of new mums:

  • helps to prevent & treat stretch marks
  • counteracts dryness
  • balances the intimate area
  • balances the effects of hormonal changes of facial skin (dry & oily areas with acne)

For mums that have just given birth, omum offers:

  • restoring & firming cosmetics for strained areas of the body (abdomen, hips, thighs)
  • cares for the sensitive & weakened intimate area

All omum products are vegan, dermatologically tested, exclusively manufactured in France and free from :

  • essential oils
  • chemical additives
  • palm oil
  • ethanol
  • harmful substances
  • animal experiments & raw materials of animal origin
  • 3 of 4 products do not contain water and therefore no preservatives

Moreover, omum has been awarded the Slow Cosmétique seal, that guarantees smarter, more sensible, ecological and more humane cosmetics.

In addition, omum products have been awarded the prestigious Meilleurs Cosmétiques Guide in 2015/16 in 4 categories: two 1st place awards (La Confidente & La Surdouée) and two 2nd place awards (Le Bienfaiteur & Le Cajoleur).